portrait artists

The 15 minute portrait studio is a Contemporary twist on the traditional art of seaside portraitature.  Artists are invited to consider their own response to the Portrait, using any medium or style of their choice, from sketching, painting, sculpture, conceptual, digital etc.

Each session has a choice of 2 or three artists in residence, with Various guest artists who will join us throughout the year, each with their own style and materials. 

Open Times: Every Sunday, 12 - 4.30 pm, From April to October.

You can drop in and get your portrait done in under 15 minutes, and leave with original artwork for just £15. Check our events page for details of which artists are working at each session.

We can also bring our Portrait studio to your premises!  Great fun for Parties, Weddings and so on.  Get in touch for a quote for your function.

Zoe eaton

For portraits, Zoe creates quick expressive, pen and line drawings on A4 water-colour paper. The drawings are then coloured with light areas of water-colour wash. 

Zoe  currently lives in St.Ives and teaches at Barnoon Workshop on a variety of art and craft workshops, and is an abstract painter.

  • portrait tree
  • portrait zoe father and daughter
  • portrait zoe double
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  • portrait girl lips
  • portrait zoe pete
  • portrait heart box
  • portrait pete box
  • portraits box

bobby wotnot

Bobby Wotnot is an abstract artists, who creates drawings, built up with tiny dots and marks. For his portraits,  he will be drawing tiny profiles onto shards of pottery, found on the beaches of St.Ives.  

Reminiscent of Greek Ostraca, these are then presented in a  gift box, decorated in a 'Wotnot' style!

Rachel Jakeman

Rachel is a painter, who studied  art at Falmouth University.  She   has a studio at  Krowji studios in Redruth.  See more of here work on her website

marie keeling

Marie Keeling is a painter, and long standing member of the St.Ives Society of Artists. Marie creates colourful abstract paintings, on canvas and found objects.  

Her portrait studies are delicate, A6 sized  pen and graphite images, presented in a square mount.

  • portrait marie girl
  • portrait marie beardy
  • portrait marie man
  • portrait marie zoe